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FREE WE ARE ONE WORKSHOPIT’S BACK TO SCHOOL WITH A PURPOSENo Bully Here and local law enforcement agencies are excited to bring to your school the WE ARE ONE workshop. This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between police officers and  communities and strengthen relationships.  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your school immediately. 
 Workshop Objectives: 1. Give detail information on how to interact with law enforcement in the following categories: general stops, automobile stops  and interaction at home.
2. Focus on verbal language, body language and expected respect levels for both party’s. 
3. Role Play Demonstration (demonstrate a perfect stop/bad stop) 
4. Juvenile Public Defenders explains the students rights.
3. Participate in a open discussion/ Q & A session. This segment is general and will include SCHEDULING DATES: September 2016 thru November 10, 2016

SCHEDULING DEADLINE: You must schedule your workshop by August 10, 2016

WORKSHOP DEMOGRAPHICS: We service 5th grade thru 12th grade


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On July 8, 2016 Debra Jones of No Bully Here stopped in a local Houston Subway located at the Palm Center for a Saturday lunch. The store was completely empty without any customers. Minutes later three Houston Police officers walked in and ordered their lunch, sat down and begin to have a general conversation while they ate their food. Within 10 minutes  five African American youth walked in from the local Houston Texans YMCA. Only one of the youth was purchasing and that was noticed by HPD Sergeant AL Olvera. He then told each of the youth to grab a bag of chips and soda, officer Olvera also told the young men that he would pay for it. The look on these young men faces was priceless, they were very appreciative and gave officer Olvera many thanks.  As the young men began to leave, Sergeant Olvera had already sat down with his colleagues to finished his meal.  Our staff was taken back by this moment and asked the officers and the young men if we could take a picture of them together. No one knew we were watching, no media was there for a photo Op, just a IPhone. At this moment we did not see police officers nor did we see African American youth. We simply saw human beings young and mature displaying characters of being American.. 
“There is hope when human beings identify each others as human beings”